About Flag Counter

What is Flag Counter?

Flag Counter is a free tool from WebNots Web Consulting Services that helps to track visitors count on your site. Once added on any page the number of visitors opening the page will be shown country wise.

How Can I Create a Flag Counter?  

You can create a counter on the home page by customizing your options like number of flags, columns, colors, etc. Click on the "Preview" button to see the instant preview of your selection and click on the "Get Your Flag Counter" button to get the widget code details.

How to Add the Flag Counter on My Site?

The widget has the following codes:

  1. HTML Code - Paste the HTML code anywhere on your page within body tag.
  2. BBCode - This is the code for using on forums and bulletin boards.
  3. Direct Link - View the flag counter directly on the browser using this link.

How Can I Edit My Flag Counter?

The "Other Info" section of the generated widget code will have the following details:

  1. Statics Link - Use this link to view the statistics of the traffic visitor details in the dashboard.
  2. Customize Your Flag Counter Again - Note down this URL (it should be like ..../regenerate/xx), this is the URL for accessing your account.
  3. Password - This is the password to be used for editing your flag counter.

Unfortunately there is no way to reset the password at this point of time. In case if you forget your password, send us the email. We will help to recover the password.

Is Your Flag Counter Compatible on All Platforms?

The flag counter is a responsive image and hence compatible on all site building platforms. As it is an image all browsers should also support this flag counter without any issue.

What are the Supported Countries?

View the list of supported countries here.

How Can I View the Dashboard?

Use the "Statics Link" of shown on the widget code details page to access your dashboard. Example: https://flagcounter.webnots.com/details/iv - change the last two characers to your flag counter id to access your dashboard.

How Can I Contact You?

If you have any problem in using the free flag counter widget, send your queries using the contact form.